Feeding the birds                                       One custom bird feeder at a time.

These feeders started off as a way to enjoy watching our local birds at my home. Now I get to help feed birds all over the country and bring joy to others as well. Making each bird feeder by hand and designing each custom image and with each clients personal input make these bird feeders and houses one of a kind every order.

How to make your one of a kind bird feeder.

Step 1 Pick your Bird feeder, Bird house, Bat house or plant crate .
Step 2 Choose your style 
Step 3 Choose your engraving options
Step 4 I create a draft of your design and keep in touch with you during the process.
Enjoy the birds.

Meet Tom Blette | Owner and Creator of TB Timeless Birdhouse: Shout out Colorado interview
We had the good fortune of connecting with Tom Blette and we’ve shared our conversation below. 

Hi Tom, can you talk to us a bit about the social impact of your business? 

I have always been artistic and creative. I enjoy making things, building things and coming up with the plans in my head and then creating something. Woodworking has always been something I have enjoyed, growing up my grandfather’s wood shop was like a wonder land for me. The way my Grandpa had everything organized and in the right place is something I can still close my eyes and see. My grandpa was a craftsman and an Artist. He taught me the importance of taking pride in anything I do. I started making Bird Feeders as a Realtor gifts for my wife’s clients as closing gifts. Friends and family kept encouraging me to sell them and that they thought people would really Love them. I gave it some thought and looked into creating my first listing through Etsy. I opened my Esty shop to the world July 2020 during the peak of the pandemic and my second Sale was a memorial for a loved one who passed. I was immediately taken aback, this was not the market I thought I would be selling in. I envisioned people buying for birthdays, anniversaries or housewarming gifts but not memorials. I would have to say that My memorial themed feeders have become 80% of my clientele. Each one of my customers and I have a very short but intense relationship during the entire build process. We exchange messages back and forth on design and I send over drafts for review. Some clients have had me do over five revisions until we get things just the way they would like them. I engrave and build each bird feeder or bird house to order take photos of the finished product and ship. People share detailed memories and stories of their loved ones, send me photos to engrave and I really feel like I start to know the people I am building for. My second sale was a gift for my customer’s great aunt whose husband had passed away, when her Aunt received the feeder she was so happy with it that she didn’t want to put it outside. She instead placed it on a shelf next to a picture of her deceased husband. I was not ready for that. It made me so happy to see that someone out there, whom I never met was going to place my feeder on a shelf as an Art piece. I was humbled and ready to make more. As time passed the pandemic raged on and I received more and more memorial requests. Each story is unique and different. Each one of my Bird houses or feeders help people I would never meet in person deal with their grief and also help to remember those they love. It wasn’t until I was talking to my wife that she said to me that she was proud of the service I was providing to my clients and how special it was that I was helping so many people.

See the rest of the interview at :
https://shoutoutcolorado.com/meet-tom-blette-owner-and-creator-of-tb-timeless-birdhouse/<br />